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Memorias de Crónicas Futuras COMPRAR

1 Destello Inmortal
2 Espectro de Vida
3 Sin Claridad
4 Acertijos
5 El Peligro de la Gente
6 Por tu Ausencia
7 El Abismo
8 Voz de Fe
9 Iluminado

Créditos: Producido por: Alex Ezert y Horizonte Lied
Fecha de Lanzamiento: 2003-03-06
Historia: The history of this album begins in early 2002, when we decided to record an 'alternate' album for our original debut album "Reciclaje", wich we sent at that time to a new synthpop label from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, named 'Purzynth' (Nexus 8, Empire State Human), they liked the album but we got requested to improve it, since it was not recorded in a very appropiate way.

At that point we started to need something new, since we spent a lot of time making the 'Reciclaje' album, and we were about to re-record it all!, so in the remake, we started to record some new songs for a new album wich was decided since the beginning to be released independently, this was an easy choice for us because we knew that to release an album under a label would took some time, and we felt that we already had loss lots of time in the past, we didn't want that anymore.

There are some interesting notes about this album, the fact that we ended with a darker album was not intentionally at all, though we liked the result.

"In tracks like 'Espectro de Vida' and 'El Abismo', we wanted to mix the dark feeling with a more catchy groove, to get a balance, and not end up with really dark songs, i don't know if we did it, but i feel satisfied with the end result." Alex

"In the other side, in the tracks 'Sin claridad' and 'Por tu ausencia', we tried to catch the darkest side of the original demos, and remained as the slowest dark tempo songs of the record"

In fact, the track "Voz de Fé" is the more upbeat, techno-oriented , followed close by "Destello Inmortal" and a little by "El Peligro de la Gente", this last obviously inspired by the war times of the past months.

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